This comes to us from Archerfish 1989, which as we all know was a good year for  archer fishing. It seems the Tails Doll has found a loop hole....'''''

Hello. I love your sight, but I have some news you may should be aware of.

You posted an FAQ for Sonic Gems Collection. In there you said that the version of  Sonic R in that collection was safe. You are wrong. Here's my story.

A few days ago I picked up the Gems Collection. I was worried because I had heard of the curse of Sonic R. But I laid that to rest, knowing how this version was safe to play. I popped it in and beat Sonic R in less than two hours. I actually found the game pretty  addictive and it soon became one of my most frequently-played games on Gems.

All was well, until today. I chose Sonic R from he menu and began playing. I was in the mood for a time attack match and decided to try out "Tag 4 Characters". Looking at  the characters I thought, "Heh, I should pick Tails Doll. That would be humorous. Tails  Doll chasing down the others." Indeed, it entertained me so much that I chose Tails  Doll and began the game.

I heard my brother come in my room. When he realized what I was doing, he said, "No!  What are you doing!? You know about Tails Doll"

"Don't worry," I said, "check the site. According to the FAQ the person made, this  version is safe." Upon reading your FAQ his fears were destroyed. But not for long.

"Wait!" he cried, "your playing the tag game? What if Tails doll isn't tagging, but  draining their very life force energies! He could use that energy to break Miyamato's  seal!"

I laughed. I laughed! "Dude, calm down. With Tails Doll you only chase after the  robots. They're cold machines with no life at all. It's fine."

But I was overlooking a vital detail. Super Sonic. I didn't think much of it because he  was only one -- how could he break a powerful seal with only Sonic's life energy? But I forgot to add to my calculations the fact that Sonic's spirit was now enriched with the  power of 7 Chaos Emeralds!

I continued playing, and I did eventually tag Super Sonic. As soon as I did, the screen  went wacky. Crazy stuff happened, until it turned to Tails Doll's splash page (you  know, the one when you beat the game with Tails Doll), and the game over music from  Sonic CD was playing. (Either that, or it really was the evil laughter of the Tails Doll.)

I had realized what I had done. Iin horror I turned to my computer and tried to email  you! But at first the connection was down. The urgency of the matter was too great, I  went outside, going door to door, begging to use their Internet. They all thought I was  crazy. I went to my friends house and he let me use his computer. I logged into my  email account but was stopped. Pop ups, pop ups everywhere! All with the words "Can you feel the sunshine?" So many that I couldn't get to composing mail.

I went home, defeated. Until recently. I was in my room, trying to get it off my mind. Gamecube suddenly turned on. Then I heard the "Can You Feel the  Sunshine ACID Remix" from the museum. I looked in horror as the Tails Doll  appeared, and came out of the TV. I ran. I just ran. But I tripped and fell down the  stairs. (My room was in the basement) I saw him. When I thought it was over, I heard:

"Don't be afraid, mortal." He had no mouth. I heard this in my head. His body just  hovered there. Those blank eyes..that gem...

Mortified, I asked, "Why not? I know who you are!"

"You have done a great deed. Thanks to you, Miyamato's seal is broken. Here  anyway. I will repay you, buy sparing you. But under one condition. Tell no one of how  to brake the seal. They can not be warned."

Then, the lights flickered, and he vanished in the shadows.

Even though he told me not to, the one condition that he will allow me to be spared, I  know that he cannot escape. No one else can make my mistake. So I'm sending this  mail to you.

DO NOT play the "Tag 4 Characters" game with Tails Doll. If one does, for some  reason (maybe the controller slipped), then exit immediately! Tagging the robots are  safe. They have no life. But tagging Super Sonic will allow Tails Doll to steal his Chaos  Emerald-enriched life energy and muster what energy he needs to break the  Miyamato seal.

Story written by: Archerfish 1989

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