The Lord of Wizela is responsible for this shocking story. I wonder if the Lord of Wizela knows the Duke of Earl....?'''''

Hello, friend. I saw your site, about your Shadow the Hedgehog Shrine, and other  things.

Now, while flipping through your site, I read about the curse of the Tails Doll. I have my  own little story to tell about it.


"Can you feel the Sunshine?..."

"Keep the dream alive..."

"Take me away..."

"Think about it..."

"Like a diamond in the sky..."

"The point of no return."

The six points to recognize your other-worldy demise.

It was a day much like any other. One of those days that makes you want to smile for  no reason when you walk down the street. And that's just what I was doing. All seemed  alive and well for everyone. Little did I know what horror awaited me.

628 Gargin St. The location of my girlfriend, and hopefully future wife. Being a bit of a  nerd and loving video games myself, she had picked up on my habits. She was a huge fan of Sonic, and owned every Sonic game to date. It was fun, like racing without the  MPH stuff. Sega was good at making games back then, and still is now.

My girlfriend had told me, while we played Sonic 2, that another Sonic game was going  to be released that day, and had asked me to come with her to get it. I asked what it  was called, and she told me it was a secret. She did that to me rather often, so I  decided probing her would be of little use.

So, down to the mall we traveled. The 66 bus took us there. I made some joke, saying  that it was the sign of the devil. She chuckled, and we drew closer to our impending  demise.

I picked the game from off the shelf, seeing as it was high up -- people always tell me  to try out for that Basketball team. "Sonic R", the box read. She paid for the game and  hugged the box close in her arms. I felt jealous of that game and the attention it was  getting. The attention I never got.

The bus home. 66 again. We got back to her house, opened the game, popped it in  the system. I played as Sonic. She played as Knuckles. It was quite fun. I helped her  unlock Robotnik, Super Sonic, and Egg Robo. I told her to try to unlock the rest. I  headed home for the night.

The next morning, I got a phone call before my parents woke up. From my girlfriend,  the caller ID told me.

Silence. Then, the message.

"Tails Doll..."

Silence again. I guessed my girlfriend's stupid brother was playing a trick on me. He  had never done it before though. I sat down and ate my breakfast, when the phone  rang again. It was her number again.

"Tails Doll..."

I wasn't amused by the joke. I took a quick shower, and the phone rang yet again, still  the same person.

"Tails Doll..."

I decided to go and set the little punk straight. I put a coat on, as it was still rather  frosty out, and made my way over.

The door was wide open, but on it were the words written in a dark crimson hue...

"Tails Doll..."

I smelled the door. Blood. Fresh blood. As I stepped in, the temperature seemed to  decrease rapidly. More blood on the walls. Still spelling out those two words. I made  my way upstairs to where her room was. More blood. It seemed to gush down the  stairs like a waterfall. I made it to her room, where terrible things had happened.

She was there, dead, on the floor. Her blood scattered about. But it looked like she  hadn't been stabbed at all. Her brother's body lay beside it, also heavily stained with  blood. I looked up to see Sonic R still on. All the characters unlocked. And her  controller was on what looked like a stuffed Tails Doll. Creepy and disturbing, in all it's  mindless ways.

"Call the police," I thought. I turned around, and then, the sound.

"Tails Doll..."

I whirled around. There it was. The deranged, freakish, blood stained, Tails Doll. It  stood atop the Television. Staring at me. Like it wanted my soul. And it did. The lights  went out, and all I could see were the glowing red jewel atop his head, and his freakish large eyes. They drew closer. Closer.


I must have passed out at that point, because I couldn't remember anything. I awoke in  the hospital, my left arm torn of my body. My parents told me that a killer had broken  into her house. I knew they were wrong. I knew the truth. But they couldn't know. They could be it's next victim.

From that day on, every time I'm in a pitch-dark room, and every time I close my eyes, it's jewel and eyes are always watching me.


Story written by: Lord of Wizela

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