This is Prof. Saturn, the director of the Rhode Island state mental institution. One of our patients has recently committed suicide, and left this note. The nurse that found his body has a son who is quite knowledgeable in video games and recommended that I send a copy of this letter to you for your site. I hope it proves helpful.

They told me it was just a game, a quick little way to pass some time. I played and completed it with relative ease, so easy so easy. Sunshine burned into my brain, diamonds in the sky. The eyes, so dark. So soft and cuddly! Two swirling dark vortexes, burning searing. I have to survive. They locked me up. Whywhywhy? This room, so cushy and white. Soft walls can't move. Have to get out. Why don't they believe me? Furry and yellow, sticky red slimey. It wasn't me! Wasn't me! Just living in the city, playing playing with friends. Camping is fun, but the dark is scary. I'll bring my new doll! Doll is safe. Doll warm sunshine. Can you feel it? It wasn't me! Dark eyeseyes. Friends not moving. Slimey red juice. Runrunrun supersonic racing. I didn't do it! Doll here with me, so softsoft. Nice feelings. Softgood. 

Can you feel the sunshine?

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