So, me and my brother -- we'll call him...Jim -- were playing Sonic R on the Gems Collection. I had just unlocked Tails Doll. I heard the rumors, but thought they were all a ridiculous mishmash, so, me and my brother decided to use him in a race in Regal Ruins. I got 1st place, he got 2nd. We were pretty darn happy. Then the power went out. "That's weird," we thought. We looked out the window, every other house had power. "Huh?" We went to call our parents on the cell phone. It had been on the charger all day, yet when we picked it up...


We heard the trash can outside fall down. Idiotically, we go out to investigate. The trash can was fine. Then, behind us, we hear the door open and close. We heard stuff being knocked over. We wanted to be as safe as perfectly possible. SO I SENT JIM!! 

Ten minutes passed. I was scared. I had not heard anything since Jim entered the house. I went inside. Jim was in the shower, fully clothed, water running, unconscious. Then the power came back on. I ran into the living room fast as possible to call Mom & Dad. 

First, I saw the jewel. Then, those terrible, terrible eyes. All good emotion was sucked out of me. I felt I would never be happy again. I knew who it was. 


He threw the phone at me. As it knocked me out, I heard my parents on the phone say, "What's wrong? Larry..." 

20 minutes later, Mom and Dad arrived, and woke me up. They ask what happened. but I couldn't speak, I was so terrified. They said "What happened? The lights are on in our home, but...every other house has the power out." 

I came to my senses. "Jim...where's Jim?"

"Jim?" They ask.

"My brother, Jim. You know."

"'re our only child, Larry."

"No," I said. I ran up to Jim's room -- an office. I went back to my room. On the TV was a note. I knew who it was from. I grabbed it nervously and read it.


I ran into my room. I hid in my bed, but couldn't sleep. Ever since then I haven't been able to sleep, wondering what really happened that night. 

And whether the Doll would strike once more.

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