Sonic R... SONIC R! I curse thee from the depths of hell! If I could... until my own curse is broken. But I cannot make a sound... nay... not to them. With the other fools, we can all hear each other... nothing good to say at all. Newcomer's wail, making no sense. Many of the others have been around here for a long time. They mumble on about how they heard of the curse, not listening to cries from the clerks. Then, the ones that make sense had beaten the hell game years ago. We cower in a corner, huddling for protection. We hear each other, sometimes drowned out by "Can you feel the Sunshine".

But all stop, when stuffing falls to the fire beneath us. It arrives, or 'he' as it is liked to be known as. We are it's slaves, and do what ever it orders. Not that it does. It says no words, but we do. Loud echoes in our mind make us scream it out. 

Tails Doll... Tails Doll...

I was once a human too, a great Sonic fan. A great Tails fan, he was so cute. Strange, for a boy yes... but he was cuter. But cuter still... was the Tails Doll. I thought nothing of it, close to 100% completion of the Hell game. Until, Flickies emerged from my screen. Maybe I was hallucinating... but no. I touched one, feeling it's feathers. They were warm... cozy. It soon turned, however, as something else came from my screen. The Doll, with blank eyes, gazing at me. Visions danced in my mind, of the eyes, and the devilish ruby on top of his head. They say Robotnik made him... but we all know the Doll made Robotnik. The Doll rules Sega, each day handing out free games in the street. Of course, controlling a human. They laugh at the Doll, bobbling comically. They should be crying, as not even turning off the Saturn can stop him.

But what can do it is simple... by giving up. Just accept your fate, and death will be less painful. Not too much... but then... you can meet me here. I shall see you later, friends. 

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