It was a while ago when I got Sonic R. I had no idea that there was a secret character until I finished everything. I don't want to say his name, but my older brother came to join me and play around with the game.

...what happened next was all my fault.

I noticed that I had a new character, the Tails Doll. I wanted to see what it could do so I let him control it until we had to stop playing.  

Later that night, we were home alone so we watched a film and tried to pull an all-nighter. Halfway through the movie, we paused it because we spotted something-- in the crowded scene, clear as ice, was the Tails Doll. It's vacant eyes stared at us and it's head followed us around the room. We rewound the DVD a bit and played it again but this time, it was gone, So we carried on watching the last part of the film and joked about what we saw.

Before we turned the DVD player off, something too strange for words happened. IT came out of the TV screen and started to throw things about. My brother ran upstairs to get his sword to try and stop the beast, but it was too powerful. It threw him against the wall and dived into him. As he stood up, "Living in the City" started to play from nowhere. I was really scared as he broke down the front door and massacred anyone outside. I followed him around half of the town until I lost sight of him. No one has seen my only brother since. Bodies were everywhere. 

I think the only reason he didn't kill me was because he was still my brother. It was all my fault because I let him be the stupid doll. Don't suffer like I have -- burn the game if you have it. 

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