One night close to Christmas I bought a copy of Sonic R for the computer. I love Sonic I had to stay up all night to get 100% on hard mode! I beat the same five courses over and over again. I even learned the songs for every level!

It was late, around 3 am.

My father could have woken up, so I had to get to bed so he wouldn't find me playing games late on the computer. I got up from the chair and turned around to head for my room. I looked out from the window. I saw something that I thought it was a cat and continued walking. When I got to my room I looked out of the window again...then I saw shining ones. I got dizzy -- like when all your blood floods into your head. 

When I opened my eyes I saw it laying on my floor -- that blue light! Once again, I got dizzy. When I could see again, I quickly went out of the room. I looked out of the window where I first saw the thing that I thought it was a cat. I saw a red dot in the sky. 

Later, on the night before Christmas I was ready to go in to my room again. I told myself it must have been a flashlight, even though I thought about it long into the night. I looked at my watch and saw that it was the same time as when I first saw "The Tails Doll!" I fell asleep after that. 

When I woke up at Christmas I found a post-it that said "You've been gifted with the greatest gift you ever can get" I took it to my mom and asked her what I got? She gave me a wierd look and asked what I was talking about. I showed her the post-it but she didn't see anything. I looked at it again and nothing was written on it. 

I know this -- I've had become faster then before. It's true...faster and more powerful. Since that day I've taken to racing against people. And winning. 

If you don't want to believe this, it's your choice. For the believers, however, the Tails Doll might not be so bad after all. Was it really HE/IT who gave me these powers? 

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