Gavin had once been my best friend. We'd both loved all of the same things.

Among those things were Sonic games.

Now, Gavin also loved racing games. Among these were none other than the famed Mario Kart games. Now, imagine how enthusiatic he was when he got a Sonic racing game off Ebay. Sadly, we did not know of the evil that Sonic R contained. We both started up the game. Luckily, I had to leave after only five minutes, as we were both virgins. 

I should've seen the signs as I said good-bye to my friend. He barely noticed that I was leaving. His eyes were glazed over, almost as if he was in a trance.  

The next day at school, he was continuously humming the tune "Can you feel the sunshine?". His eyes were still glazed over, and he hardly recognized any of his friends. And the most horrible part comes now: When I glanced into his backpack, I saw none other than the dreaded Tails Doll. Its blank gaze was fixed on Gavin, and its eyes were somehow following him. 

The next day, Gavin was in a coma. The only things anyone found were the Tails Doll clutched in his arm, and a piece of paper that said "Long live the Tails Doll." 

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