My story starts two years ago, when I met my fiancée. She was a gorgeous women, with long blond hair and crystal blue eyes. Her skin was soft and smooth, and her voice was lovely to hear. I was 23 when I met her. We dated for some time, a year and a half, and decided to wed. The wedding was spectacular, our friends and family cheering. One present, from my best friend, was a SEGA Saturn and a copy of Sonic R. He gave it to my new wife and I as I always wanted to play Sonic R, having played every Sonic game except the racer. My wife was also a Sonic fan, and was glade to receive the gift.

We brought this single gift on our plane rid to the Bahamas, where we would honeymoon. The ride was quite long, considering we were coming from California. To pass the time, my wife and I played the SEGA Saturn -- a small battery powered TV allowed us to view the game. 

As we played the game, we soon enjoyed it, and unlocked all the characters. I looked at Tails doll, and always wondered if the dark eyed creature would handle well. I played with my wife, controlling the foul beast. 

Our flight was said to be delayed, a snowstorm in New York would prolong our layover. As we stopped at a hotel, waiting to get to our destination, we slept in two separate rooms, to halt temptation.

When I awoke the next morning, my fiancée was pale. Her skin was no longer the color I fell in love with, and felt cold as snow outside. I looked around her room, and saw nothing suspicious. I called the manager, and he looked in fear at my wife's wane corpse. He left to call 911 and had her body autopsied. 

Later, when I went to play my copy of Sonic R, to relax my bones, and saw that Tails Doll was gone, though my clear data was at 100%. I quickly ran from my room to my dead wife's, and opened her closet to grab my jacket. The closet opened, and three dolls fell from the closet. Each was of the dark and loathsome creature, the Tails doll. The biggest plushie had a post it on it, reading "Your wife was taken by the Tails Doll's curse." I rid myself of the game as soon as I left that hotel. 

One month later the autopsy showed my wife had orange fur clogging her throat, and underneath lay a copy of Sonic R. 

I don't want anybody else to suffer how I did. Do not play Sonic R, and certainly do not clear it, or you'll suffer like me...from the Tails Doll.

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