I was playing the Sonic R that my friend has given me. He said that it was cursed and he doesn't want it. I asked him for it and he said, "your funeral." I played it with his memory card (I didn't have one), and I saw it had 60% of it done. So I finished it.

A week later, I was watching Naruto on my computer while talking to my friends when my TV flicked on. I told my friend and he went "WTF. Your sister has the remote and is playing a trick on you like she did a couple of years ago." Then I told him that I had my remote and my universal remote was currently being used by a friend for some project. I looked at the TV where some gem was glowing. I looked at it for a minute before turning back to Naruto and chatting. I heard some voice and blacked out. 

When I awoke, I saw my Sega Saturn controller in my hands and the Tails Doll character missing. In my room. I left to check my computer. When I checked my computer, I saw that a new contact name was added:

I backed up, knocking over my chair. When I heard something in my room, I ran there and saw two black eyes that looked like a void., and the same glowing gem I saw on my TV! I Quickly grabbed my Air gun and cranked it up to the hardest setting.(My friend modified it to shoot harder with a dial.) I started shooting with my eyes closed. I shot all 30 metal pellets I put in there. Some missed and some hit.. 

When I opened my eyes, I saw "Tails Dol"l written everywhere in my room in red. And stranger still, my stuffed animals had red sticky stuffing coming out of a slash marks on their fabric. When I looked around, I saw white stuffing on the ground leading to my Saturn.

 I was lucky.

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