Ever since I was little I always was the weird one. I always felt like I was stalked with nobody there. When I turned 12,I found out about this tails doll curse on my google search. Because of my curiousity, I decided to look through my house to find Sonic Gems Collection. I played Sonic R on time attack. It turned out that the game was already completed 100%. I decided to see how Tails Doll plays. I tagged Super Sonic last(wasntt easy because of the controls) and then something strange happened. On my screen I saw him on a checkered floor with a dark background. I just thought it was part of the game. TD came out of my screen and I started to flip out. I was alone. My parents were at a charity event in another town.He looked at me, but didnt kill me or enslave me. He just gave me somethimf. A power that would stay until the day I die. I will always play Sonic R, but not on time attack. I don't want to go through the fear again. This is why I feel imm a pure soul. I domtt really know the number. And yes, I can feel the sunshine always.

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