I’ve seen some scary things in my time but none as crazy as the events surrounding my friend and his copy of sonic R. You can call me many things, most people call me mad, but I’d rather be known simply as Spitfire. I fear that if my real name were to get out, it will find me with that glowing red gem, just, hanging there.

A few years ago I was a simple Australian female student, not a care in the world, but my friend, lets just call him flame, suddenly stopped attending school. I got worried.

“Where’s Flame? Has anybody seen him?” I asked my other friends one day.

“No, he should be here. Its odd,” came the replies of my friends

Darn right, it’s odd.

I decided to meet him on the weekend. I caught the bus and went to his place. I knocked on the door and I heard a shuffle behind the door, with a gait of a child -- a very deformed child. Being my naive self, I thought my friend was playing a trick on me. Flame opened the door and I saw that he was draped in his doona, still in his PJ’s with bags under his eyes with a distant look about him.

“Hey, how are…” I managed to get out before he pulled me inside. “Well hello to you, too! What’s your problem!?”

“Shhhh…..follow me”

No one was home except Flame, and all the curtains on the windows were closed and no lights were on. He took me to his room and the computer was on. He placed me in front of it. I moved the mouse and the screen came to life.

There in the screen was something so terrifying I didn’t know what it was at first. It looked like a ball of fuzz. I focused and saw the Tails Doll staring straight at me. It was holding something, and I felt an involuntary shiver run down my spine.

It was holding the heads of Flames' sisters, his mum and step dad. I thought this had to be some sort of freaky art thing when I herd the shuffle behind me again. This broke my gaze with the Tails Doll on the computer. I looked at the reflection on the screen to see Flame, brandishing a large kitchen knife.

I dodged just in time, he struck the computer screen and I scrambled at the floor trying to get out the door, I ran down the stairs.

"He’s gone mad, crazy I’m gonna die," I thought as I ran though the lounge room not looking back. I didn’t even know if he was following me, if he got electrocuted from the blow all I could think about was of the doll’s dead eyes and the fear of being hacked up. I kept running.

I ran out the door. Thank God it wasn’t locked. I ran down the street and kept running in silent terror. I wanted to scream but nothing came out when I opened my mouth. I ran for what felt like hours when I collapsed of exhaustion at the front of my favorite shop, I scrambled inside and found my friend that I call Doombiskit.

She took me further inside the shop and gave me some chocolate.

“You look freaked! Eat this -- you need sugar,” she said

All I could manage was a scared grunt.

I sat in there for a few hours, concluding that Flame had not followed me this far. The Tails Doll had driven him insane -- he now did the Tails Doll’s bidding, if he was still alive. I heard stories of the Tails Doll, but hadn’t believed the people that had told them.

Now I don’t live in one place. My face does not appear anywhere -- even in my school photos. I don’t even exist. I have made sure of this. I follow the tales of the Tails Doll while running from it. Both have become one and the same. I have made it my mission to destroy the doll for revenge, and also so that no one is victim to this atrocity ever again.

So far the mission is a fruitless one. Only pain and suffering have I seen, and those dark, lifeless, eyes of the Tails Doll.

Wow, what a noble cause! I think that's enough evil I've seen to know that TD will try to kill us all, or at least appear at the apocalypse! (Assuming there is going to be one, not that I beleive it.)

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