This is my experience with The Tails Doll.

My story

Hi, my name is Jonas. I'm writing this story because I am a survivor and I don't want other people to go through the same experiences I did. it was one saturday afternoon in 2007, and me and my friend james were playing video games like usual. We played many different games, like Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Little did I know it would be the last time I ever played Call of Duty with him. We were both 10 years old and my mom and dad were out. She made us pizza before they left and she hoped that we would have a fun time. But we didn’t.

We were getting a little tired of playing on the XBOX so we decided to play some Wii games. We couldn’t pick a game so I decided to look at my GameCube collection. I looked around a bit and found the Sonic Gems Collection. I said to James, “do you wanna play?” and he said “Yes” so I popped in the game. I remembered that it had Sonic R… and I read many stories on the internet that said what happened with the Tails Doll so I told James about the Tails Doll curse and we decided we’d try it out. So we started Sonic R and we heard…

“Can you feel the sunshine?”

“Does it brighten up your day?”

James and I knew we’d be going for a wild ride.

We went into tag race… it was harder than we ever thought. The game’s controls were bad and we could barely play the game… still we were going to unlock the Tails Doll. “Dude, this is so hard” said James. Knowing that what James said sounded wrong, I said “That’s what she said.” We finally made it to unlocking the Tails Doll after many hours of playing. We started a game and I played as the Tails Doll. It was hard to play due to the broken control but we were still able to. The Tails Doll won… but when he won it wasn’t a usual screen. It was just him… in a dark room. It was weird, I thought. I tried to exit the game but it wouldn’t let me. James went over to the Wii to turn it off. It didn’t. We tried unplugging the Wii from the wall outlet and still it remained on the screen. I said to him… “what if those stories are actually true?” and then it happened… the scariest moment of my life. The room was shaking. A copy of final fantasy that was left on the entertainment center fell off. A vase of flowers on the top of the entertainment center fell onto the ground and broke. It only kept getting stronger and stronger until I heard a voice say “would you like to play with me?” it was the freakiest thing I ever heard in my life. He was behind me… on the top of my couch… he… this MONSTER, this THING… he was… the Tails Doll.

He had a knife in his hands. There was blood coming from his eyes. The red emerald that topped his head was glowing brighter and darker. I thought this wouldn’t be able to happen. I said to James… “I can’t believe it! RUN!” We ran as fast as we could. But unfortunately for James the Tails Doll was too fast for him. James tripped on something on the ground of our two story house and the Tails Doll got him. I couldn’t do anything fearing that the Tails Doll would come after me too. I realized... James was dead. I looked at him and he was decapitated. I couldn’t do anything. My fear was too strong to be sad for him, even though I was deep down. I just had to stay alive.

I hid from him. I decided I needed a weapon so I went to the kitchen. I knew that the Tails Doll was looking for me. I grabbed a knife from one of the cupboards and waited. I just remembered, right after I took the knife, that my father owned a handgun, but it was in the attic and that the Tails Doll was looking for me up there. It would only be a matter of time before he came down here to the kitchen and he tried to kill me. So I held my knife tight for 10 minutes before he came down the steps and went to the kitchen. Right as he came down it started to sink in that James was dead and all the times I ever had with him were gone. But he was dead and I had to stay alive. The Tails Doll ran into the kitchen, or floated, I should say. He wasn’t even flying. He was FLOATING in mid-air. I gripped my knife, but he was too much for me. His movements were like lightning. I knew I couldn’t… but it was either me, or him. I attacked him with all my might. He cut me. I was bleeding terribly and I didn’t know what I’d do. But for some reason… I was lucky enough to kill the Tails Doll. I, to this day have no idea how I was able to. But I was.

I remember James to this day. He was the best person I have ever known. I was talking to my mom a week after this incident happened. I told him that I missed James and that I’d do anything in my willpower to have him back. My mom said, “Who’s James?”

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