Bloody Tails Doll

This is the Tails Doll as I believe it to be.

Everything you are about to read is entirely true. This is a real, personal account of the attacks inflicted upon me, GMart5, as a preteen in the late 2000s by the Tails Doll.

June 28, 2008

Notice: All times are in Pacific Time [PT] (UT-8:00).

12:59 AM

It had been an especially hot summer in Washington in 2008. The hottest it ever got to was 106oF. The previous day, I had learned all about the Tails Doll and where it came from. It had scared me nearly half to death. I was anxiously waiting on my bed at the time shown above for it to appear. I had set a tiger doll at the middle of the floor and leaving on a night light before I headed up to my bunk bed. I made sure that I didn't knock over the doll. I didn't. I had left my bedroom door ajar, to allow the Tails Doll to advance into it whenever it wanted to. I couldn't sleep at all, so I stayed up, checking the doorway from time to time.

1:00 AM

When I checked the doorway this time, I saw something I will never forget. A pair of bright red eyes and a gem seemed to suddenly lean into the doorway. I almost screamed.


A recreation of what I saw on the night of June 28, 2008, at precisely 1:00 AM PT.

I quickly laid down in my bed, stiffer than a board, hoping it wouldn't kill me. I was both afraid and excited. I was excited, because I had made actual eye contact with the Tails Doll itself. However, I was afraid, because I knew all too well what horrible things it could do to me.

1:01 AM

At this point, I was chanting in my head to no avail, Go to sleep, you fool, go to sleep! I couldn't. I had pressed my eyes tightly together in vain, hoping I'd sleep. At the same time, the Tails Doll was knocking things off of my bed. I didn't see what things it had knocked off my bed, and I didn't want to find out right then and there, for the sake of my young life, so I kept my eyes shut. I pressed my eyes together even harder. Then, I heard a whisper.

"Hello, Gilbert."

I was stunned. I kept thinking, Oh, God, how does this thing know my name? We only just met. How does it know my name? I never even said my name! HOW THE HELL DOES IT KNOW MY NAME?!

I opened my eyes and found the Tails Doll, its black eyes staring straight at me. Its blood-red pupils were spikes piercing my heart. I was scared beyond my wits. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out when I tried. The Tails Doll was smiling at me, its sharp, bloody teeth looking more pointed than a sharpened knife.

"I bet you can feel the sunshine now."

That was all I heard it say, before I was forcefully pulled into a slumber filled with agony and horror. It was the only way I could escape from it.

I thought I was going to die.

11:37 AM

I awoke, my chest aching with emptiness. It had taken my soul, I realized, before climbing down from my bed. I was both shocked and relieved that I was still alive, even after staring at death right in the face. I will never truly know why the Tails Doll had spared my life. As I climbed down, I noticed the Doll had knocked over the tiger doll I had set on the floor. To be sure I wasn't going crazy, I set a dollar bill on my desk. Then, I headed to my mother’s bathroom.

It wasn't easy trying to dissemble my utter fear, but I did it. My mother never noticed I was scared.

11:38 AM

I was about to take a shower. When I had taken my shirt off, I was nearly floored. I had a long, slightly-open scratch across my chest that looked like it came from a claw. It appeared to be fresh. Keep in mind that I was nowhere near any sharp objects that morning, nor the previous day. It was a calling card, left by none other than the Tails Doll. Fear filled my whole body.

When I think about it now, it seems sort of like a symbolic way of it cutting open my chest and eating my soul right then and there, without too much blood and without killing me. The very idea makes me cringe.

I stepped into the shower, trying to forget any of this had ever happened.

But the cut on my chest was a grisly reminder of the events that occurred the previous night.

11:47 AM

I had just gotten back from the shower and changed into the day's clothes. I checked on the bill and found it to have been thrown on the floor by an unknown force. Perhaps it was the Tails Doll's way of reminding me of its presence? I will never truly know.

Things I Learned About the Tails Doll From the Attack

  • It tends to sneak into its victims' bedrooms.
  • It shows mercy only when it truly wants to, which is a very rare occurrence.
  • It might even be active by day, as well as by night.
  • It knows you better than you know yourself and itself.

After the Attack

After that day, the Tails Doll made three more separate attacks, leaving behind small nicks. I haven't seen any sign of it ever since. The scratches, as well as the long one left behind from the first attack, have long since healed, but the emotional and psychological scars have not.

It was because of these attacks that I became a servant of the Tails Doll itself. I was forced to relinquish my soul and steal other people's souls so it could feed on them. I still remember the painful emptiness I felt in my chest, and the deep world of sadness I was engulfed in for the following nine months. It was the only other choice I had besides death, and, being 11 years old at the time, I felt I was too young to die.

March 30, 2010

This was twenty-one months after the first attack.

Around 1:10 PM

That day was one of the most terrifying days I've ever lived through. I was getting inside to have some lunch with a friend. I felt just fine. I was carrying my agenda, eraser, and a textbook. Before I entered the lunchroom, though, the world began to slow down and become blurry, and I felt an overwhelming tiredness around me. Things began to dim a bit. I lost hold of my items, and my friend grew very concerned. I then collapsed on my left shoulder, falling unconscious for the next 4 minutes.

Around 1:14 PM

I came to, finding myself on a gurney with my friend, my counselor, and my sixth grade teacher looking at me. I felt very weak. My counselor told me that my mother would meet me at the hospital. I was then loaded on to an ambulance that took me to Madigan Hospital in Fort Lewis.

Something I must add is that they tested my blood sugar while still at the school. Mine was 153, which is considered normal. This rules out any blood sugar-related speculation.

Around 2:20 PM

My mother was taking me home after I was all checked up at Madigan. The doctors had concluded that I had passed out from not taking enough water and not sleeping for long enough. However, my friend remembers that I drank water very often back then and got 6 or 7 hours of sleep each night. This rules out dehydration and lack of sleep. When I arrived home and called my friend about the whole thing, he asked me if it had anything to do with the Tails Doll (I told him all about it days before). I said, "Yes. In fact, I heard him say something to me before I passed out." When my friend asked what that something was, I said, "I heard him say, 'So long, Gilbert!'" I still remember the incident to this day, and I haven't told anyone else the truth of the whole situation.

How I Gained My Freedom

The next day, I made a drastic decision; I decided to try to gain my independence from the Tails Doll.

As you'd expect, it was very pissed at me for daring to go against it, but before it could say anything or harm me in any way, I made a bargain with it. After a long discussion, we finally agreed on a few terms: It would grant me my independence, as long as it keeps one fourth of my soul inside of it. Anything sounded better than remaining his slave for any longer, so I accepted. I've been free of it ever since. I don't know how I got away from it so easily; most others haven't been so lucky. I guess I just knew how to confront and be rational with it.

I trust that you will take extra precautions when talking about the Tails Doll, whoever may be reading this; it could save you from being attacked or nearly killed.

Sure, I survived looking at death in the face. Sure, I somehow managed to stay alive after the attacks. Sure, I may have made a full recovery from its attempt to kill me. And yeah, I was able to gain freedom from its network of slaves through a compromise.

But I had gotten lucky.

You might not be so fortunate.

More Truths

This part was written on August 30, 2013, at 3:15 AM PDT.

I have a few more truths I've been wanting to share for awhile.

Yes, the Tails Doll does indeed exist. I've known this since his initial attack on me in 2008. I strongly advise against trying to find him, though; nobody deserves to go through what I've gone through. Besides, he is constantly on the move, so tracking him down is next to impossible.

More shockingly, it turns out that he is my dark side. I'm not even joking. He really is the physical form of the dark half of my essence. I discovered this after doing months of extensive research on the Tails Doll in a number of sites that I will keep secret for the sake of anonymity. What this means is that if he gets hurt, I get hurt in the same way. The only positive thing is that he can never kill me.

I know these revelations are nearly impossible to swallow. I understand. I know I'd feel the same way if this was happening to or being written by someone else. However, I've experienced these things firsthand, and my friend can vouch for everything mentioned here.

I plead that you never consider these things a pretext for means to have me committed to an asylum; the only thing I've been committed to for the past 5 years is the truth.

I hope that you all are granted the best of days and protection from the Tails Doll's true power. May God have mercy on us all.

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