The Manual of Style is a set of guidelines every article must adhere to, otherwise is may end up deleted. Before posting, you are expected to read and follow through with the guide presented here. The Tails Doll Wiki has expectations for articles to keep in order to maintain a certain quality the wiki has. We don't want to delete your articles if they don't fit with the Manual of Style, but if it comes to that, the admins have no problem in doing so. Certain violations of the Manual of Style may result in a suspension from editing or a warning. We aren't as strict as some websites are, so please, just show that you care enough by actually following the guidelines below. 

Quality Standards

  • Articles are expected to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Before posting your articles, try putting it through Microsoft Word and using their spell check, or using Source mode to spellcheck. If you don't have that, run it through a free spell check, or ask another user to edit and review the article shortly after posting. If you don't correct the grammar, the article will be put under the Candidates for Deletion category one week after posting and could potentially be deleted if the mistakes are not fixed. If poorly made articles persist, the offender may be warned and/or banned for failure to comply with the standard.
  • Articles are required to be a minimum of at least one paragraph (five sentences at least). Keep in mind that is a minimum and articles should strive to be longer. There are exceptions to this rule, but these are very, very rare, most exceptions not being typical stories of the sort.  Contact an admin if you feel your four-sentence-or-less story is worthy of posting. Tails Doll Wiki does not employ use of the Stub template, so any short articles will be monitored and marked for either expansion or deletion.
  • Try not to post a cliched story; make your page creative, entertaining, relevant, and engaging. The typical cliche Tails Doll story goes like this: Tommy is a huge fan of Sonic, gets a copy of Sonic R, discovers the curse online, doesn't believe, tries it anyway, Tails Doll comes to "get him," long drawn out fight scene, he's almost defeated, Tails Doll offers him the choice in becoming a servant or he gets his soul devoured, Tommy miraculously defeats Tails Doll. While your story may not get deleted, try to get creative and not just repost this story, it gets tiresome after awhile. You should give yourself more credit than settling with an uncreative tale such as that, so add some variation in your tales. Violations of this, however, are more excusable than the rest, as a story may be kept if it has been well-made.
  • Periods or ellipses are not allowed in article titles under any circumstances whatsoever. We've had problems with this in the past, and it just looks stupid and unclean. Think about adding punctuation in general for a title. They're titles, not questions or statements.
  • All articles are expected to be properly categorized. Any and all stories should have Accounts of the Tails Doll . That is a requirement. Other users will probably add appropriate tags for you, but try to do it yourself. Here are some helpful ones: If your article is a physical encounter with Tails Doll, use Encounter. If it was a dream encounter, use Dream Encounters. Any musings, theories, or poems involving Tails Doll, or other generalized content that doesn't fit under any category can be put under Miscellaneous.
  • Song pages must have YouTube video of the song to the right of the page, a short introduction describing where the song is located, who wrote it, etc. Remixes with clear lyrical differences should be separate pages.
  • Character pages should have an introduction,  decription, personality, trivia, and gallery heading with three sentences each. Character pages are required to have an infobox with relevant infortmation in it.
  • All artwork used should be from Sonic R or fanart used with the original artist's permission. Don't steal other people's artwork, please. Some artwork from later games are fine so long as it has something to do with the Tails Doll.
  • Most of these rules don't apply to blogs, as they are more personal writings, except in specific cases. Keep in mind blogs can be modified at will by the admins if they display obscene or otherwise content that violates the rules.


Fanfiction is considered "non-canon" or "fanon" to the ARG. Here is where you get to break some rules when it comes to canon and universe. Use the Category:Fanfiction to designate that it is fanfiction, otherwise it may end up deleted. Get crazy and wild with fanfiction, there's a lot you can do with it!

What Not to Post

  • Do not post erotic stories or pornographic pictures.
  • Do not post irrelevant pictures.
  • Do not post spam.
  • Do not post things that don't follow the canon, unless it is fanfiction.
  • Do not post anything involving a Good Tails Doll, a New Tails Doll, an Omega Tails Doll, Misunderstood Tails Doll, or anything of the sort. There is one Tails Doll. He is evil. That is all. This is fine for fanfiction, but anyplace else, including blogs, it will be deleted.

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