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Can You Feel the Sunshine?Can You Feel the Sunshine ACID RemixCastle of Nightmares
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Evil AwakenedExperienceEyes Of Sunshine...
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My Tails Doll Attack LogMy account of the tails dollMy encounter with the tails doll
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Pokemon User Page: Xeno VersionPure soul?Q&B(UNUPLOADED) The Pure Soul
Q&B001 Tails Doll Forever by DarkEinsteinQ&B002 The Fate of Jake by MikePierce777Q&B003 I Was Lucky by Dragon Reaper King
Q&B004 Cold as Snow by Horror EddQ&B005 Long Live Tails Doll by Linkiii816Q&B006 Post-It by Alexandar Miljkovic
Q&B007 Let Her Go by Eldritch IzzyQ&B008 When the Plush Fox Gets You by the Maniacal ManiacQ&B009 Scary Larry by PoorBottles98
Q&B010 Professor Saturn's Suicide NoteQ&B011Q&B012: You Are Wrong
Q&B013: They Called Me TDQ&B014: My Deepest ApologiesQ&B016: Glitches, Bitches by Novkris
Q&B017: Shrivel Up by MetalVirus9000Q&B018: Tumblr Tails Doll by PuppyLuvurQ&B019: A Very Lucky Tails Doll Fan by AVLTDF
Q&B020: Cyber Chase by Dark RoseQ&B021: Sisters Gotta Have Your Back by SpiritQ&B022: Superstitious Oatmeal by Poor Susie
Q&B023: Dot Lisall by Mark RadicalQ&B024: Wait by Final BeyondQ&B025: Nightmarish Nugget by Xtra
Q&B026: Christmas Caper by Mary ZenningerQ&B027: Halloween Horror by Tim AllegroQ&B028: Skeptic by Charizard
Q&B029: Target by SpiritQ&B030: The Hedgehog by Lina ""Q&B031: Horrific by Haunted Kat
Q&B032: Cure for Chills by The DoctorQ&B033: Plural? by AngellicQ&B034: Official Sounding by Susan A. Peterson
Q&B035: Nobody is Safe by Shadow GirlQ&B036: Tails Doll Uses Guns Now?! by Man300600Q&B037: Message of Hope by Timeproto
Q&B038: RIP by King ElementoQ&B039: Sealing by AKQ&B040: Nightmare by CrazyShadow
Q&B041: Classroom by LovrinaQ&B042: After School Special by ChaosQ&B043: Frightening Freebie by LCM
Q&B044: Chao Chiller by ZackQ&B045: Little Bus of Horrors by LorivaQ&B046: Free by Troubled Darkness
Q&B047: Quick Tip by Anonymous KnightQ&B048: Medical Thriller by UnknownQ&B049: Eerie Encounter in Iowa by John S.
Q&B050: Big the Cat by MetalshadowQ&B051: Terrifying Tidbit by Chaos DoughnutQ&B052: "Sunshine", a poem by Chaos Angel
Q&B053: Tale of DVDs (Doom, Violence and Dolls) by Killer KeyburritoQ&B054: FBI on the Case by PaulQ&B055: Nasty Surprise by Nabil
Q&B056: Tails Doll's New Puppet by ZephQ&B057: Tragic Tale by BertQ&B058: Sanity by Eki
Q&B059: Cool by Killer KristopherQ&B060: Eerie Encounter by Code-EQ&B061: Equality by Aussie Chick Spitfire
Q&B062: Bitter Bite by Nryan389Q&B063: Message from the Doll by Eki/Tails DollQ&B064: Dead Man Writing by Bloody Blade
Q&B065: Supposedly Fictional by Tails DollQ&B066: Newest Mission by ZephQ&B067: Part I by Warguy
Q&B068: Games by EkiQ&B069: Friends by GinoQ&B070: Remember Me by Bert
Q&B071: Power On by CeleBaby20Q&B072: Spooky Sundry by Spooky SamQ&B073: Sam's Back by Spooky Sam
Q&B074: Micro by DarknessmanQ&B075: REALLY by ChaosQ&B076: It's A Trap by Shadow6000
Q&B077: Intermission by Gailnico321Q&B078: It Was a Trap by Shadow6000Q&B079: I am Criad by Masterweaver
Q&B080: Sonic the Shapeshifter by Sonic the ShapeshifterQ&B081: Limerick by Supercomputer276Q&B082: Depressed by Celebaby20
Q&B083: Big Joke by RosiepowerQ&B084: Bound by ChanQ&B085: Not my Story by Masterweaver
Q&B086: About a Boy by RyukuQ&B087: Feeling Some Kind of Way by KyasarinQ&B088: Screwed by Katlyn
Q&B089: Willing by MosoloQ&B090: Death is my Friend by ChrisQ&B091: Screwed Again by Katlyn
Q&B092: Third by Spooky SamQ&B093: Do the Math by Celebaby20Q&B094: Everything by Robert
Q&B095: Sinister Stanzas by KarrockQ&B096: How Long can you Hide? by DarthKainQ&B097: Experience by XP
Q&B098: Survivor by KatieQ&B099: Faith by JamesQ&B100: Party Crasher by Greenhedgehog
Q&B101: Safe and Sound by Green MagiciteQ&B102: Woe by ZoeQ&B103: Ain't Safe by Taylor P
Q&B104: Jenny, I got your number by StarryQ&B105: Insidious Infiltrator by BertQ&B106: Tristesse by Adam Duffield
Q&B107: Quick by ZQ&B108: Tight by DarthKainQ&B109: Global by Marshtomp
Q&B110: Connection by HunterQ&B111: Won by ChanQ&B112: Thrice Bitten by Greenhedgehog
Q&B113: Never worth the Price by ChrisQ&B114: Freed by DarthKainQ&B115: Fangirl by Aru
Q&B116: Gothic by Sonicfanatic4949Q&B117: Discover Why by Fred PQ&B118: Alive for Now by Kikari
Q&B119: Came by MaryCateMQ&B120: Capacity for Evil by Choice BitsQ&B121: Nothing by Black Shadow
Q&B122: Get Ready to Shriek by ShiekQ&B123: Toying by ShadowaterQ&B124: Jolly by PinkYoshi5
Q&B125: Pull the Lever by KronQ&B126: It's Coming by AruQ&B127: Refused his Urges by PinkYoshi5
Q&B128: Longest Game of Baseball by ZephQ&B129: Spelling Lessons by C.L.Q&B130: Guns Solve Everything by John Doe
Q&B131: Two Stories by SilvaQ&B132: Archivial by KeyburritoQ&B133: Never be Happy by the Forgotten One
Q&B134: One Direction by Bob OQ&B135: AKA Icalasari by ShadowaterQ&B136: Twice by Odog
Q&B137: Somewhere Way Down the Line by Lod605Q&B138: Slasher by Village of ShadowQ&B139: Chapter 4 by DarthKain
Q&B140: Sublime by Axl the DarkQ&B141: The Servant Formerly Known as Mark by Mystic ServantQ&B142: Do You Believe in Magic? by Magic
Q&B143: Insomnia by TempeQ&B144: Shorty by Schizo-TravQ&B145: Heart Wrenching by Metroid
Q&B146: Two Tails by BrettQ&B147: Dared to find the Truth by Arian FoxcatQ&B148: Quick Note by Sonia
Q&B149: Doll's Arrival by Tails Doll FanQ&B150: First or Last by EnigmaQ&B151: Burdens by Alex D
Q&B152: Don't Judge by ShiraQ&B153: Stayin' Alive by AdamRoxxorzQ&B154: Always Watches by Levi
Q&B155: Faith by MasonQ&B156: Note by KiraQ&B157: Revenge and Revile by Shawn
Q&B158: Used to be a Fan by JacobQ&B159: False Assurance by TristanQ&B15: Close Call by Berserkedrage
Q&B160: Law and Order by KronQ&B161: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) by GenericTwelveYearOldQ&B162: TD Was Here by Nazo Tsubasa
Q&B163: Tiny Taste of Terror by DreadStarQ&B164: FTD by Kida VonQ&B165: Investigation Station by Omen of Angels
Q&B166: Friend by NiGHTSQ&B167: No More, No Less by DanteQ&B168: This Machine by Artezza
Q&B169: TGIF by ChaosarrowQuacker and BowenRadiant Emerald
Radical CityReactive FactoryRegal Ruin
Reports of the FBIResort IslandRevenge
RulesSeal RealmSecond Dream Encounter
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Sonic R CurseSonic TokenSonic the Hedgehog
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