The Tails Doll

2-07-12 Hello. My name is Matt.

I have recently beat the Tails Doll. Do you want to know how?

Well, I got a copy of Sonic R for the GameCube, I spent hours trying to beat the game. I got to the point where you unlocked The Tails Doll. I knew about the curse, so I tagged Super Sonic. I won, but it said 'game over'. Then the lights went out, but my TV was still on.

An image popped up on the screen. It was of The Tails Doll. I blinked when it started to come out of the TV, and then the TV went off. It said "Can You Feel The Sunshine?" and than it tore the top part of its gloves off. I could see its claws . It scratched me and tore my shirt, I could feel blood run down my stomach. It bit me on the arm, blood came down.

Badly wounded, I built up my strength and punched it as hard as I could in the face, It just flew back. The gem on it's head started to glow red, trying to blind me, I quickly ran up to it and punched the gem. It fell off. The Tails Doll screamed in pain and then got electrocuted. It fell to the ground, burned and stuffing hanging out. It slowly closed it's eyes and disappeared. The power came back on, and, so did my TV.

2-08-12 Here I am today, playing Sonic R. When I got to the choosing screen, I did not see any Tails Doll, but a blank box where he should have been. I slowly went to the box and clicked on it with my eyes shut. I opened my eyes and saw a red gem and wire below it. The gem started to glow red and aeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

I'm not very happy with you, Matt. But let's end on a good note......

I cAnNoT bE dEfEaTeD. i Am EvIl ItSeLf. 

CaN yOu FeEl ThE sUnShInE? 

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