I'm not exactly sure how it started, nor when I realized what was going on until all the events fell into place.

It seemed like evening, and my older sister and my mother were talking about dinner. I wasn't really paying attention, despite the fact of being in the same room. Instead of listening to them, I was listening to my MP3. In the scant six months I had it, I've become really close with it.

It was playing a song that I didn't want to listen to at that moment, and I went to change it. I looked at the screen and it said "Can You Feel The Sunshine?/Sonic R". I didn't realize anything was wrong at that moment. I simply thought that it chose that song out of the random option, so I tried jumping to the next song. No avail, it kept playing. As it got further and further into the lyrics, I realized that my mom and sister had disappeared, and that I was alone in the kitchen.

I tried pausing me MP3, I even turned it off at one point, but the song kept playing. I was almost ready to pull my ear buds out when, out of context, I heard "Can You Feel the Sunshine?" I felt something entering my back. I'm not sure if I screamed or not, but I realized I was going to die.

Then I woke up in my bed. I was hiding under the covers from something, and I was thorougly freaked out.

For the next while, I sat there texting one of my friends about this incident, and the next morning at school, I told my friends there about it, and what it could possibly mean.

Now, nearly a year after I had this encounter, I think it may actually not be a dream. Not in that sense, anyway. I know the Doll exists, and that somehow he's been trying to attack me through my dreams since he can't get into my house. I've thought about that night often, and I realized that ever since that event, I had less emotion and less care for the world than normal. Somehow, the Tails Doll managed to pull my soul into a shell of some sort he could reach, and ensnared me. Though something about his trap was faulty, since I managed to escape in time to avoid him stealing my soul. Only something was missing. Something I had when I went to sleep, and woke up without.

At first, it seemed impossible, but I realized that I must face this one and very simple fact:

The Tails Doll managed to take part of my soul.

I, TaniaSky, am partly soulless, and that the Tails Doll has the other part somewhere. I don't know if he's visited me in my dreams anymore, since I can't remember, but I know the Tails Doll has part of my soul somewhere.

(Fixed by FriendMeSeb)

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