I am Lost God, and this is the story of how I fell to the Tails Doll.

I was playing Sonic R, late at night, with no one but myself for my company. I had unlocked every character, and I was playing with the Tails Doll. That was my favorite character.

I knew the curse. I was intrigued. Drawn in.


But I was no fool. I had taken precautions. Behind me, I had a loaded gun, and an antique katana.

Yet even with my mortal weapons and my ever-prevalent sense of misplaced courage and self-worth, I could never defeat the doll. I should have realized that. It was something that didn't belong in this world. It was horror itself. Alien to even think about. It was the worst nightmares and the despair of mankind, congealed into the very face of hopelessness and fear. A human like myself couldn't begin to grasp even the smallest fraction of its limitless power. The Tails Doll was not, and yet it was.

I couldn't realize that. I cannot blame myself as a fool, for even the smartest could only comprehend this thing by only their mortal standards. Their overwhelming sense of pride would consume them, as it did me.

I was proceeding with the curse. Everything was going smoothly. In fate's move, I tagged Super Sonic with the Tails Doll. Suddenly, the TV started screwing up. Without hesitation, I snatched the gun and shakily aimed it at the TV. The gun was jittery from my nervous quivers. I could not think logically. I had already polluted my mind with fascination of the curse. I could not blame it on a storm, or faulty wiring, or anything of the sort. I could only know it as the Tails Doll, and that it was. Yet, for some reason, I called out, as if I was oblivious to the whole matter.

"Who's there!?"

The lights went out. It was midnight and my curtains were drawn, so my room was immediately enveloped by a lonely void of darkness, the only light the hazy, flickering, on-and-off glow of the television. The display of Sonic R was replaced by a wall of static. Then, in a cruel, yet predictable twist, there it was. Out from the darkness alit a cursed, beckoning red light, undoubtedly the lure of the Doll. It wavered and bounced in mid-air, connected to no particular source in particular, casting its ominous light to dance in my room. The TV had shut off completely, the faint blare of static lost, and the only light the illuminating beacon of the crimson light. I was entranced. I could not look away. In a fool's move, I shot at it with. It didn't so much as budge. I continued shooting. Shot, and shot. It was a miracle to think this frantic hail of gunfire woke nobody. Perhaps the Doll was assuring that. Perhaps it wanted me, and was taking every measure to make sure that I was not lost. There was a click, and the gun, out of ammo, stopped its deadly fire. In frustration, I chucked the gun at the light with a strained grunt. It phased through the light, smashed into the wall, and dropped, still. The light had not been damaged. Then, after what seemed like a taunting moment of silence, a familiar song started.

Can you feel the sunshine? Does it brighten up your day?

I was familiar with this.

The Tails Doll. Unmistakably, there it was. Its crimson gem light dimmed slightly, and I could now see the Doll and the Doll alone materialize. It glared at me with unblinking eyes, boring into depths I could not fathom. It hung in the air like a limp marionette, its gem bobbing up and down like a fisherman's lure. Its hands bore nasty, thick claws, akin to more like a tiger than a fox. In the seconds I stared at him, I silently swore there was the imprint of blood. We exchanged glances for a full five seconds in silence. Then, without thinking, I grabbed the katana, and furiously swung it at the doll. I heard an audible thwack, and the sword caught on the doll. My katana hit. I wrenched it free. There was stuffing caught on the blade, but the Doll was by all appearances unharmed. No cuts, no slices, no opened wounds. Nothing. I inwardly panicked.

I swung my sword endlessly at the tails doll. Stuffing flew around my room. But there was still no damage on that accursed beast. It titled its head, and grinned. Grinned without a mouth, grinned with only the vague resemblance to a face. He extended his claws, and glared at me once more. I dropped the sword and sheer fear jolted through me. Then, the Doll floated over to me, and with its massive claw's tip, nicked me. It didn't rend me asunder, it didn't claw me apart, it simply pricked me. Strangely, I felt little pain. It was similar to a needle entering the skin. Then I glanced at where it had marked. There was indeed a small stabbing on my arm, but no blood issued forth.

From the wound, the smallest bit of stuffing poured forth.

Horror. Terror. Disbelief. All these feelings, and more, swarmed into my head. My mind swam, and then I looked at the Doll and only one more thing mattered. I recoiled in fear before the Doll, and it loomed over me like some sort of unearthly predator. Then, it spoke. It had no mouth, yet I could hear the voice quite clearly. Its voice was hellish. Like nails grating on a chalkboard, it reverberated through every inch of my skull. I felt like tearing my ears out and simply hunching. Wishing it would go away. But I had to hear those words call out to me, stabbing me harder than any blade could.

"There is nothing you can do. You belong to me, now... Pure One." He lunged at me, and I failed to react. I couldn't react. Not anymore. I blacked out. The last thing I saw was that gem, filled with the blood and souls of the thousands of the Doll's victims.

And now, here I am.  I'm a slave. A puppet. The Doll's toy. And yet, somehow, the Doll spared my life. Not out of mercy, but a toying fear that someday, I might rise to stop it. So he keeps me here. In this castle of nightmare, isolated in a lonely dimension, never again to see the light of day. We hold a mutual distrust of each other, and though the Doll could strike me down any moment, it never does. I think it feels more secure when he has my life in its total control. I am helpless, forced to cater to this abomination's every whim and desire.

But hope is not lost. He called me "Pure One." Perhaps, that means something. Perhaps, someday, I will meet this lost kin of mine. Such dreams of hope help me to persevere, and now I ask you this.

Destroy the Tails Doll. Free me of this.

I must attend to my duties, but I will be plotting Its downfall.

Remember, stay away from the sunshine.

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