Hi, wolffoxbat here, my encounters started before I even got the gems collection, when I was something like 6, I saw it, for the first time, the tails doll, I was scared sh!tless by it and from time to time wanted to kill myself, but I didn't, I then didn't see tails doll until I got the gems collection, that was when I got the irresistible urge to play sonic R, I am probably the only person who took almost a full year to complete it, but eventually I did, then, near the end of 2014, I then got a classic tails plush, but whenever my parents spoke about it, instead of saying "tails plush" they would say "tails doll" which is when I got the feeling it was actually THE tails doll, and from that point onwards, I have commonly seen tails doll around, I have drawn multiple pictures of it since, and often seen the doll, (not my classic tails plush, the tails doll itself, well, it's shadow) I have recently seen it's torso, arms and head, and the person who I've always wanted to see die, paulette magee, has apparently seen the doll multiple times, mainly it's gem, but once it's shadow running from one side of the room to the other, I have also recieved a message from it on minecraft, saying it will kill me on sunday the 2nd of may 2015, HELP!!! That means I have six days to live, help me, before tails doll kills me (he also said he would kill someone I love)


Well, since "he" said he would kill me on Sunday the 3rd of May 2015, but look at this, I'm not dead, although I'm definitely terrified, he said he would come on my dreams, but no, in fact, I haven't slept since, he still isn't showing himself to me apart from my walk to school today, I know I saw his gem, it might have been for 10seconds, but I know he was hiding behind that car, his gem was reflecting on the living room window of the house opposite, but nonetheless, he was definitely there, once I passed the car he had dissapeared, I then thought I was imagining things, but when I saw the red light I felt a hostile presence, I haven't done the curse for a week now, from now on, I'm sleeping with one eye open or getting a security camera installed, one or the other, anywau, he's also been haunting me on minecraft (xbox 360 edition) on my (well, I THINK she loves me, but I'm not too sure) girlfriends minecraft worlds, mainly destroying anything she builds, once, she built a statue of his head and burnt it, he blew her house up in return plus he's also destroyed my house, I only go in it to talk to him but sometimes he gets a different idea for instance, spawining 100 cows named "a" but later being renamed "TD", tails doll is not letting me off easily, he also said he would kill my girnfriend, although we were both supposed to die 2 days ago, we were both fearing for each other's lives, that's my update, you can find me on chat every morning from 7:30 am to 8:25 am and 3:30 pm to 9:00 pm, there you go, I'm also going to be on chat right now.


it's been a while, but I've made some discoveries, recently, while thinking about my life, then thinking about tails doll (that often happens when I've just got out of the shower) I remembered my REAL first encounter with him, ten years ago, I'm 11 now, I had forgot about it until that image flashed in my mind for about a second, then I remembered not feeling the same after seeing him, I think I'm only part-soul, about 50% pure soul, actually, as I hadn't done anything, and many of us remember that he can attack pure souls before they summon him, it's probably also why I know so much about sonic, yet I only have the gems collectiion, mega collection plus, sonic heroes, shadow the hedgehog, sonic adventure, sonic generations, sonic rush and sonic the hedgehog 2006 (sonic 06), I have plans to get sonic adventure 2, but I'm not 100% sure about it... if you think you might be a pure soul but your not too sure, think about tails doll often, you'll remember things you had completely forgotten, or better, but "he" is aware when you discover it, and acts more rapidly, more violently, more... shy... more... hidden... I recently also had someone I know (the person I mentioned) has a pet chiuaua which randomly started barking at the curtains in the evening, "he" could have easily been there, I also saw his gem recently, I was in class, maths had just finished, and I saw that familiar red glow coming from right outside the class, and I'm on the top floor, ic couldn't have been someone shining a laser pointer at the window, future updates are coming, I won't let you guys down, keep fighting the doll, we're almost there! WE CAN STOP HIM! HE WILL BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS! (I no longer wish to serve him, I thought about it since the last update, it isn't the BEST idea, I have multiple different game consoles, I've decided, he isn't getting another servant here)


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