The Castle of Nightmares (also known as the Castle of Horrors) is the resting place of Tails Doll and its many servants. There is said to be, at the very least, 9,001 rooms, each different from the last. The following lists important areas.

Outside - The Desert

The Castle is said to be in a desert, and very large. The Castle is reportedly a very dull colour, with hardly any windows, and a large door. Seven towers surround the back of it, each without purpose. Although not visible from the outside, there is a basement.

Main Chamber

The main chamber has a throne in the very centre, and a door in the back. The main chamber also houses the entrance. Four halls are on two sides of the area, two on each. There is a carpet coloured purple with splatters of red and dull white. The walls are dull, with curtains the same colour as the carpet.


The Library is filled with books to the high ceilings. Dozens of shelves house hundreds of books and magazines. There is a small area to make coffee or other beverages in the corner. There are seats scattered around for Tails Doll to sit in. Servants are rarely permitted to come here.


This Bathroom houses three toilets--A porcellon throne, a urinal, and a squat toilet. It also includes a small sink, two bathtubs/showers, and budday. The entire Bathroom is made entirely of mirrors, and nothing more. This room does not have lights, however it does have a faint glow of red. Servants are not permitted here, period.


The dungeons are an area in the basment of the castle. Lighted with dim red torches its one of the dullest rooms in the whole castle. There is 30 standard cells for captured slaves, 7 cells for the Pure Souls that have a bit more luxury in them, and 3 torture rooms filled with weapons, like chainsaws and flamethrowers, and one seat. Servants patrol the cells and entrance 24-7 so it's hard to get in.

Master Bedroom

On the sencond floor of the castle this is where Tails Doll sleeps. A king size bed is right in the middle of the room with blood red sheets. To the right side of the bed is a chest of drawers containing a bottle of clear water and a cup. The second drawer contains his prized knife. Servants make the room spotless evrey day and fluff the pillows to the doll's likeness. As being an important room, highly powerful gurads make sure nobody except TD and his servants get in.


All meals are cooked in this important room. The menu is like this:

Monday,Tueday and Wednesday: Sirloin steak with bacon

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Jacket potato with lamb fillets

Sunday: Hunting trip in forest 100 miles away

Like us, the Doll celebrates special ocassions with a different meal ( WARNING: These meals can make you sick):

Friday the 13th: Human flesh roasted on a spit

Halloween: Least behaved servant barbecued, then go out and hunt for pure souls

Christmas: Boiled reindeer, then try to kill Santa

Guest rooms

If the doll invites any other doll families around, they stay in the 5 guest rooms. As with Tails Doll's, these beds have blood red sheets, a sink, a chest of drawers and the utmost care from servants. These rooms are only guarded if someone is staying in them.

Game room

When the doll is bored, he goes to the game room to play a wide selection of games. A jukebox that can play the Sonic R soundtrack is here, along with a Gamecube and Sonic Gems Collection. The Doll can be careless and leave his laptop in this unguarded room. This could provide a tactical chance for intel.

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