Can You Feel the Sunshine ACID Remix was a remixed version of the song Can You Feel the Sunshine? done by TJ Davis for the release of Sonic Gems Collection. It, along with the original version and Living In the City, is one of the three songs acceptable to be used for the Tails Doll Curse. This song, in reverse, will allow you to see the Blood Gem


Sonic R - Can You Feel The Sunshine (ACID Remix)02:55

Sonic R - Can You Feel The Sunshine (ACID Remix)

Can you feel the sunshine? (sunshine...sunshine...sunshine)
Can you feel the sunshine? (sunshine...sunshine...sunshine)
Can you feel the sunshine? (sunshine...sunshine...)
Does it brighten up your day? (day)
Don't you feel that sometimes (sometimes)
You just need to run away (run away)
Can you see?
And the sky
It makes me feel so high
The bad times pass me by
Cause today
It's gonna be a brighter day
Reach out for the sunshine
Forget about the rain
Just think about the good times
They will come back again

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