I will be frank -- I've never played Sonic R and I never will, but it doesn't seem to matter to The Tails Doll if you play it or not.

It was about sunset and something didn't feel right. I felt a chill on the back of my neck as if someone was watching me, I ignored it and blamed it on the wind coming though the window even though a little alarm was going off in my head screaming "Tails Doll!"

I suppose I should have done something smart like walking away from that spot, but I seemed unable to move my legs. So, I reached up and closed the blinds on the window, even though there wasn't any wind coming though and the sun was behind the trees giving a nice orange glow.

I went back to reading my book after I turned the lamp on. I went back to my fantasy of being a hunter that followed the same path as the book. So deep was I in my fantasy that I hardly felt the other chill that came. I brushed the back of my neck where the chill was and cut my finger on the silky paper of my book. Cursing profusely, I quickly got a bandage, and swore even more when I sat back down and noticed I had gotten some blood on the book. I sighed and turned off the lamp and went upstairs heart broken to have a wonderful book blemished with blood.

I laid down in my dark room silently, listening to the pure silence that had an unnatural feel to it since my sisters were still up. A few seconds later, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a little shadow moved. It was too large to be my dog and too quick to be one of my cats. I look over at that some spot for about 5 minutes and nothing happened, so I turned on my back and stood still, somewhat freaked out because of it. Calming down, I lost interest. I then had the strangest sensation of dread I have ever felt, and out of the corner of my eye I say a figure with a red orb sticking out for its head, faintly glowing a crimson hue. I screamed and bolted down stairs.

My parents wondered what was wrong. I told them I just had a nightmare. They walked away laughing at the childishness of it and went to bed. I felt like the world was crashing upon me and I could do nothing about it.

So I wrote this to Inform people that the tails doll can still find you even if you never have played the game...

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