Sacorguy79 here again, and I still have a tale of something that happened before I discovered my alternate form. Before I was declared one of the seven.

As you may know, for the past 13-14 years the Tails Doll has been going from house to house since his release from the Sonic R game, murdering those who dare touch Sonic R or his deadly songs that can be played in many demented ways. How this all began was of the first person that actually received the game. He was at his house playing the game and managed to tag four characters with the Doll. At that point, there was a scratching sound coming from the door.

He shut down his SEGA Saturn and went to the door. After opening it, there was no one there. Suddenly, behind him a vase fell off of a shelf, but still there was no soul in sight. He assumed that it was his cat, but as he went to his room, his cat was found split open, blood and guts all over the place. Then, the song began to play. Coming from the TV downstairs. He immediately closed and locked his door, ducking into his closet.

But this was the biggest mistake of his life. Once he closed the door, eyes wide in terror, there was a breatheing sound right next to him. Slowly, he turned his head to see a doll right beside him. The Tails Doll began to stick his knife through him, but the kid was 14, and knew exactly what to do. Through the pain, he punched the doll and ran out of the closet, jumping through his upstairs window. After making a somewhat nice landing, he ran off to the hospital as best as he could.

He was the first man to survive an attack, and he lives now in Japan, working for SEGA. And if you ever meet him at work, you'll see a figure of a little orange doll with two tails and a red gem on its head, being punched right in the stomach by a Sonic the Hedgehog figure. That seems like a bit of a sign, doesn't it?

Even Hope.

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