Amy Rose
Vital statistics
Title Amy Rose
First Appearance Sonic The Hedgehog CD
Gender Female
Race Hedgehog
Health Alive
Age 12
Alignment Good
Skills Amy Dash, Amy Flash
Birthplace N/A

Amy Rose is the self-proclaimed love interest to Sonic the Hedgehog, though the feelings are largely one-sided, with Sonic viewing her solely as a friend.


Amy was a fangirl of Sonic's, hearing about his adventures recounted in the Sega Genesis trilogy. She followed him to Never Lake in hopes of talking with him, only to be kidnapped by Metal Sonic, causing him to rescue her. This event spurred her feelings to become stronger, convincing herself that she was in love with him.

Sonic R

Amy learned that Sonic was joining the World Grand Prix and joined in hopes of not only winning the race, but also Sonic's heart. She is the only racer other than Dr. Robotnik to use a vehicle, using the same car she had in Sonic Drift.


Amy is a pink hedgehog with a red headband in her hair. She wears a green shirt and orange skirt. Her shoes are purple and her eyes are black. She drives a red, old-fashioned single-seated car. She later appears with a red and white dress and red and white boots with the same red headband.



  • Her prototype name was Rosie the Rascal.

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