A doll.

The one that plagued my imagination of shifting shadows in the corner of my eye as a child, only to find that it was vanity. The one that seemed to haunt my nightmares of late, no words, no actions, only silence. Pure silence.

However, now that I see it, face to face, the whole experience is completely surreal. And, just like my nightmares, there was nothing but silence. Surrounded by complete shock, I utter not a single word, nor let out a horrified scream. Instead I turn my back, open the door, leave the room, and close it.

Suddenly, the shock of the encounter starts to close in on me as my heart starts racing and head starts spinning. Sprinting as fast as my legs as my legs could humanly manage, (which was not much to be honest as I never really partook in much athletic activities popular in this century such as football or cricket, but I digress) I rushed down the stairs from the outside of my own bedroom and head to the front door, preparing myself for whatever was waiting for me on the other side of it then that, thing that was waiting for my return to my bedroom.

The dizziness that was produced from the shock of the encounter soon starts to overcome my desire to leave the house, and I start to lose myself as I reach for the door handle.

As I awake, I find myself on a hospital bed, with my body being drenched in a cold layer of sweat, and my body stiff from retaining the same position for so long in my sleep. As the rhythmic beat of the heart monitor beeps in the background, I slowly turn my head to see a open white laptop with a charging cable connected t it. I instantly knew that the laptop was my own, assuming that a family member of mine may have left it for me so that I may occupy myself if I wake during the night, which it was.

So, I type in what I saw from my days of being an avid Sonic The Hedgehog fan, and find this wiki. I had a few tries at typing up some stories of my own on the Creepypasta wiki, so typing an actual experience of mine did not present itself any problems. All I have to say, in the end, is that what everybody in the whole world thinks is fake, I personally know is true. Not the most horrifying horror story or the most terrifying 'real account' can never prepare yourself for what may show itself as real life horror. This is a recorded experience that should be passed on as knowledge of something unholy that exists within this small world of ours, and my plea for the truth may not be dismissed as crap some lunatic decided to type up in whatever amount of free time he has on his hands.

but its here

im typing this as fast as i can so that i make out im still making an acoount but i dont think its working because its starting to float and come towards mew but its only a dfbhjjwpk[r]le

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