Brickton, Iowa is the most mundane place you'll ever hear about. The main street is filled with small stores that are closed full-time, except for Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays. In the winter however, the entire town is dead, and school is closed for the majority of the winter. Throughout the entire day of this town, all one can see is the endless fields of trees and bible-thumping-farmers working and plowing the grain. Despite what many people are sold in big cities like Chicago and New York, country life is one that involves being able to deal with the unreasonable, and living in the inhospitable. If you can't handle that, then perhaps it's best if you stay in your three-room apartment complex in Queens, New York .

One of the only qualities that I like about this town is the heavenly country market. Here, it's quite possible to find rare oddities such as vintage Pac Man TV trays, SEGA mega drives, and of course, the Sega Saturn. Throughout my time browsing, I happened to find a young adult who was willing to sell their saturn for an outrageous price of $10.00, and a copy of Nights and Sonic R for an additional $2.00. The seller, with a forced smile, gave it to me instantly, and then began to pack up his table and load it into his van. After browsing the market, I took the box containing the Sega Saturn and the two games, and I placed it in a corner in the attic, mainly because I didn't want it to crowd the main living room.

I began writing some Sonic the hedgehog fanfiction, and it started to happen. The lights began to flicker, and it seems that the room aged by ten years. My computer displayed an error dialogue and I saw the Tails Doll. At the moment, wanting to scream, my body was under still silence. I saw the Tails Doll sitting in the computer, as I was able to feel it's breath against my shoulder. For some reason, I was unable to keep my eyes off of the dang thing, as it started to consume my consciousness. By some miracle, the power went out and the Tails Doll temporarily disappeared for about a second. During that time, I was able to break my concentration from the computer, and then I went and unplugged the computer. Unfortunately, when I went up to the attic to see if I could resell the Sega Saturn and games, the entire box disappeared from its place.

And for one moment, I felt breathing on my shoulder, similar to my first encounter with the Tails Doll, but now I could hear barking. From that moment on, I know my days are numbered, and I'm certain if I anger him again I won't have the luxury of typing out another warning.

All it takes is for one person to anger the Tails Doll, and he'll proceed to get you. Take my warning and avoid the game under all costs.

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